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Oil Conversions

 The 2Toc Service; like no other...

Included with every 2Toc Installation...

       As part of the 2Toc installation service I like to offer free phone consultancy. I will always try and answer any phone calls if I am able to do so, but if not please either leave a message, text or email me and I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

Peace of Mind...

       Should any 2Toc component fail prematurely when used as directed within the first 12 months I will gladly replace it free of charge. Either bring your vehicle to me, where I will replace the part myself or send me the old one and I will post out a replacement part. Please note this does not apply to Engine/Tank Pre-Heaters, Glow Plugs or Filters.

Free 1000 Mile System Check...

       After every installation I recommend returning the vehicle to me after the first 1000 miles for a quick over look of the system to check everything is tight and running as it should, this service is also included in the installation cost of the kit.

The First Service and There On...

       If it's the first time you have run your vehicle on veg oil I strongly suggest changing all the filters and engine oil after the first 1000 miles, as quite often the acidity of the veg oil can often strip and dislodge the previous years of dirt build up along the fuel lines, in the fuel tank etc. If you prefer I can do this for you at the same time as the 1000 mile system re-check, running you through the complete procedure for you to be able to undertake the task yourself at every service interval or as of when required.  Please bring your vehicles Oil filter and Fuel Filter (if applicable), and by all means bring your own engine oil, or I can supply Premium 10W-40 Semi-synthetic or 5W-40 PD Fully Synthetic engine oil which we use in our vehicles. From then on it is highly recommended that the service intervals are undertaken every 5000 - 6000 miles, preventing potential oil contamination and premature engine damage along with the regular changing of the fuel filter to prevent clogging. It is advisable to carry a spare fuel filter with you in the vehicle at all times. If your engine oil level begins to rise or becomes gloopy/sticky change it immediately! Do not hesitate as neglect in this area can be very costly.


95% of Veg oil conversion breakdowns are from blocked fuel filters. Be sure to always filter your veg oil properly, either with a 2Toc filtration kit (in the shop) or for more infomation about filtering WVO yourself visit:


To prevent blockages, breakdowns and to maintain optimum running performance of your fuel system and engine when running on veg oil, I recommend running diesel injector cleaner all year round in the secondary diesel tank and running it every 2000-3000 miles in your veg oil tank as well. I also recommend using an engine flush every other service when you change your engine oil.

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