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About 2Toc.

T​he idea...


It's not well known that with a few simple modifications most diesel engines can be run on veg oil.   In 2008 an oil conversion kit from one of the few reputable suppliers  would cost you £500 before fitting.

On completing a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Brunel University in 2009 I was keen on finding a greener, cheaper alternative to running my 1996 1.9TD Peugeot 306 and set about developing a more improved conversion kit of my own, one that was fuel efficient and cost effective.  

2TOC begins...

I never imagined that the 2Toc oil conversion kit would attract so much attention. And it sgreat to see so many people still choosing to convert there vehicles.

Since designing and fitting that first WVO conversion kit I have consistently improved the system's performance through various running and analysis tests and  in researching and sourcing the best quality components from around the world.

The 2TOC oil conversion kit works on a dual tank system and improvements to the kit

have seen formidable reduction in diesel fuel consumption, more sophisticated heating system and a more adaptable kit for a range of engines, budgets and customer requirements. 


2TOC today...

      10 years on and 2TOC can now offer an oil conversion kit that:

  • is made up of the  best quality parts and adapted to suit your car

  • is fitted by an experienced specialist conversion kit mechanic in 24 hours

  • is a conversion kit and fitting service at an affordable price with no added VAT

  • offers motorists a greener, safer more reliable alternative to using diesel

2TOC continues to develop and improve its WVO conversion kits as well as offering a forum for advice and information on the benefits of cooking oil as a fuel.



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