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Twin Tank 

Oil Conversions

Why convert?

S​ave money...

     Every time you drive you save. Aside from the fact that vegetable oil is grown here in the UK making it cheap and readily available from any supermarket, it's tax free up to 2500 liters and and a by-product of the food service industry.   Source used veg oil locally from restaurants, pubs and chippies and filter it yourself and you could almost eliminate your fuel costs altogether. 

Reduce your carbon footprint...

       The average diesel car produces nearly three tonnes of CO2 a year. Switch to Straight Veg Oil (SVO) or better still; Waste Veg Oil (WVO) and you can expect to cut your driving emissions to zero. Of course, burning Veg Oil produces CO2 but no more than the CO2 that the plant originally took out of the air through photosynthesis. So driving your car on WVO has a substantially lower sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint than mineral diesel. Sulphur dioxide gives rise to 'acid rain', whilst CO2 is a major global warming greenhouse gas. Other emissions can also be reduced when operating your vehicle on an alternative fuel such as vegetable oil. Using up the WVO also prevents it from being dumped in drains or going to landfill.


​Prolong the life of your vehicle...

        Sounds strange, but it's true! Today's diesel fuel is having more and more Sulphur removed from it to reduce emissions. Consequently it is losing its lubricating properties, which is critical for the mechanical moving parts such as the injection pump and injectors. This is resulting in premature failure, even more so in older cars, which are generally more suited to run on veg oil. Running on veg oil (a natural lubricant) is thus much more lubricating than modern diesel fuel, prolonging the life of your engine and often quietening down the sound of your engine.

Increase your mileage...​

       By installing a two tank WVO conversion system you can increase your overall mileage between fill ups.  The larger your second tank, the more juice you have to to squeeze more miles out of between refills. And for those times when and if you are unable to source any veg oil simply just run the system on diesel. Sometimes it is even possible to fit more than two fuel tanks to a vehicle.

Recycle the kit with a new vehicle...    

       Should you ever change your vehicle simply remove the oil conversion kit and install it on to another one. If you no longer require the kit, for whatever reason I may even be able to remove and buy the kit back from you.

2Toc Service, Like no other...

       Click 'Services' to see that 2Toc do not just offer the solution to environmentally friendly and cheap motoring but also a one to one peace of mind service that comes as standard, with the  bonus of having no VAT added on any labour/fitting costs.

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